Everyone wants their homes to look cool, minty, and fresh in addition to stylish and on-trend. There are a number of ideas that you can find on online platforms like Pinterest and Instagram for exactly this purpose, but none of them quite fit the Singaporean home designing landscape. So below, we’re lisitng a few amizing ideas that you can use to add refreshing vibe to your own homes:

1. Light and Breezy 

The light, breezy charm of this interior design is all about the airy colour scheme and the use of sheer curtains. The incandescence coming from the window illuminates the soft, fresh colours used within the interiors, and elevates the entire ambience of the space. You’ll love the airy atmosphere and how it totally makes the whole space feel unique and welcoming.

2. One Minty Colour 

If you really want to design a space that is understated and fresh, you need to integrate at least one minty-fresh colour within the ambience. It can be an integral part of the design, or it can be an accent element. The choice depends on how you want to style the space as a whole. 

3. Casual and congenial 

Keeping it fresh also requires you to design a space that is as congenial and interesting as possible in the most casual way. Unless an interior design feels inviting, you can feel at ease within it. You can make things understatedly welcoming by choosing cozy furniture, casual fabrics, and natural fiber objects like cotton braided baskets etc.

4. Keeping it compact 

One way to keep things fresh in Singaporean home interior designs is by crafting everything to be as compact as possible. By respecting the feasibility of the space, your ambience automatically starts to feel more fresh and welcoming than ever. Add cute patterns and beautiful colour schemes into the picture and you’ll have yourself the merriest little place.

5. With a touch of classiness

The fun, breezy vibe of this bedroom interior looks totally refreshing and the main reason for that is the sheer classiness of the execution. From the clean lines to the cozy material finishes and simplicity, every aspect has been carefully articulated to feature sheer class within the space. This is a dignified and fun way to design an evergreen, totally fresh bedroom interior!

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