Award Winning Interior Design

Award Winning interior design firms Singapore

Food, clothing, and shelter are the basic needs of human life to survive on this planet. As soon as these basic needs are fulfilled people try to update and better these very resources to get an extra benefit and make them look good. So today there is a high demand of Interior Designers with innovative ideas and artistic imaginations who can transform a place into something tasteful and nice. Be it living space or office space, Interior Designing is applicable everywhere and what people prize for is award-winning interior design ideas. If you too are in search of such Award Winning Interior Design Ideas then Design4space Pte Ltd is the best place to go in Singapore. 


Design4space Pte Ltd has been a celebrated name among the interior designers of Singapore. It grew from a small company to a large one today with over 4 showrooms and 50 talented individuals who are the best in their fields. In Singapore, the most number of award-winning interior designs have been produced by Design4space Pte Ltd.

Design4Space works charges minimum prize for the high-quality work and service that they provide without having to compromise on the quality of the work. All the ideas beings made are as per the requirements of the clients. At first, the place is studied well for which the interior designing needs to be done. Then judging by the character of the place designs are made. Every design made in this company are fresh and authentic. It adds to the grace of the place and leaves a modern yet ethnic touch. The designers in Design4space are proficient with years of experience. Therefore they have a fair idea about what instruments and modern facilities need to be instilled in a place to give the client every benefit possible of using the same space. They are very hardworking and dedicated who make sure that under every situation the project gets delivered on time. All these qualities have made Design4space award winning interior designer in Singapore. The award-winning interior designs have been praised by all and the company takes pride in this matter that they have been successful in making their customers happy with their clients.

For all these award-winning interior designs Design4space Pte Ltd has got a huge customer base which is increasing with every passing day. Some of these awards and accreditations are as follows:- 

  • BCA Registered Contractor and Licensed Builders
  • HDB Registered Licensed Contractor
  • CASETRUST-RCMA Accredited
  • BizSAFE 3 Awarded & Certified
  • Singapore Outstanding Enterprise Award 2012
  • Singapore Building & Construction Excellence Award 2013
  • Singapore SME Prestige Award 2014
  • Singapore Excellence Award 2015
  • International Property Awards Nominees
  • 1st Consumers Choice 2017
  • Business Trust Award 2019
  • Top 10 Interior Design 2020 by Homerenoguru
  • Top 10 Interior Design firm 2020 by Excel Hardware
  • Top Rated Interior Designers 2020  by Hometrust
  • Qanvast Supertrust Award 2020/2021/2022
  • People’s No.1 Choice 2020/2021
  • Asia Excellence Award 2020/2021
  • Nippon Paint Exclusive Designers

From this long list of awards it is evident that Design4space Pte Ltd has met the expectations of the clients pretty well and in most cases have excelled beyond imagination. There is hardly any such company as Design4space who have this amount if Award winning interior designs in Singapore. Therefore if you are in need of good quality interior designs feel free to contact them.