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BTO Flat

The Premium Packages @ $6, 680 The Exclusive Packages @ $10, 680 The Luxurious Packages @ $13, 780 The Ultimate Package @ $ 15, 880

Kitchen & 2 Bathrooms

The Premium Packages @ $ 9, 880 THE Exclusive Packages @ $18, 280 THE Luxurious Package @ $22, 380 THE Ultimate Package @ $ 27, 680

New Flat

The Premium Packages @ $8, 980 THE Exclusive Packages @ $10, 480 THE Luxurious Package @ $11, 980 THE Ultimate Package @ $19, 880

Resale Flat

The Premium Packages @ $20, 880 The Exclusive Packages @ $23, 380 The Luxurious Package @ $29, 480 The Ultimate Package @ $ 36, 680
Design 4 Space | Interior Design Firm Singapore

5 Things To Know About The Scandinavian Minimalism Concept

January 18, 2021

If you’re intrigued and want to know more about this style, here are some basics that will give you the gist.

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Design 4 Space | Interior Design Firm Singapore

Give Your Home a Staycation Look in 2020

November 02, 2020

I know you just can’t wait to renovate your home and turn it into a staycation of your dreams. Let every day be a vacation and enjoy life with these amazing staycation home design tips.

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Design 4 Space | Interior Design Firm Singapore

Getting Royal Vibe With A Classic Blue Colour Scheme For Every Design Style

November 02, 2020

Classic blue is going to be one of the rising trends in 2020.

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Design4space Pte Ltd

Interior Design Singapore

Everyone wants a home where they can live happily with their family, invite their friends and have celebrations etc. A house becomes a home with love. But the same home becomes warmer with care and affection. Every day we are using different products to enhance our beauty or are getting into new clothes to look good which is basically we are changing every day to update ourselves. Then why won’t the same concept be applicable to home renovation? Your home to needs renovation and modern touch from time to time. And it is the job of an interior designer to magnify the beauty of your house with best interior design ideas. If you are in Singapore then we have the best solution for you in this field and the name of the recommended interior designer Singapore is Design4space Pte Ltd. The company has produced such incredible interior design ideas that Singapore interior designers are listed then Design4space Pte Ltd gets the topmost place in the list.

The designers working in Design4space Pte Ltd are the best in their kind and thus they produce some of the best interior designs in modern time. In fact, the interior designs done by Design4space Pte Ltd are always liked by the customers and thus the company is one of the highest recommended interior designer companies in Singapore. They have received many awards and accreditations for the same. Starting from a small humble setup the company today owns 4 showrooms and houses over 50 talented designers. The top interior designs done by these designers are extraordinary and are always as per the requirement of the client. Also among all the other interior designers in Singapore Design4space Pte Ltd charges the minimum amount for the high-quality design and service that they provide. So whenever people are asked about Singapore interior designer they mention that design4space Pte Ltd is their favorite company for this job. They can transform your home into a paradise in a jiffy and without you as a client having to face any hassle. All the designs of Design4space Pte Ltd include modern types of equipment which will surely benefit the client when they use it. Among all the interior design Singapore the ones done by Design4space is the best one by people’s choice because though they include all the requirements of the client yet they have their own signature style which makes sure the home is airy and spacious. The HDB interior designs done by Design4space Pte Ltd has not only earned them respect in the land of Singapore but has also brought them, clients, overseas where their work is highly in demand.

Design4space Pte Ltd has got very strong work ethics which do not allow them to compromise with the quality of work that they deliver to their clients under any condition. So if you are looking for some elegant, graceful, beautiful and tasteful interior design in Singapore which are fresh and has modern touch feel free to contact Design4space Pte Ltd.

Are you not confused about whether to hire an interior designer or not? Independent or company-based designer? Or, choose expensive or affordable Singapore interior design consultation. There a lot of choices you will make as a customer. How do you know you are making the right choice for your home and space?

Also, we provide a visualization service. It’s a service that brings your ideas and plans for interior design alive in digital rendering. A process to showcase what your home’s interior will look like after completion.

Home renovation comes with extreme stress and pressure. Choices and worries make things even worse. After the Singapore interior design consultation, you can give us the green signal, and we will handle everything for you.

At Design 4 Space, we proudly own 4 showrooms and having a dedicated team to meet your expectations. To find out more about our services and team, contact us today!