Getting Royal Vibe With A Classic Blue Colour Scheme For Every Design Style

Classic blue is going to be one of the rising trends in 2020. It’s a colour that is cool and bright at the same time. It’s got flair, sophistication, and an edgy vibe that can make any space feel bold, classy, and royal. If you also want to emulate this look in your homes, then here are a few innovation examples that can be your guide:

 The feature wall effect

You can evoke a royal aura in your homes by going for a classic blue feature wall. This is, by far, the easiest way to introduce this colour in your spaces. All you need to do is find that one wall that will have the most impact when dressed in blue, and just go for it. This living room exemplifies this technique by showcasing how the sofa back wall enlivens the whole room twofold.

The kitchen cabinet outlook

Introducing a royal blue edge in your homes can be made even easier if you go for the painted kitchen cabinet effects. However, this one is tricky, because you need to pair the cabinets with the right hues of back splashing and accents. The kitchen in this image got it fine-tuned with the all-white backdrop and light wooden accenting in the foreground.

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