There are just some times when we know that a room is due for an upgrade, even if we still cannot fathom what the design should be… yet. For Some, this is exactly why they hired an interior design in the first place: to articulate and execute the design that the room should have based on the owner’s vision, no matter how vague it is.

They said, interior designers are not equipped with mind-reading, so while it’s perfectly okay to have no complete vision for the renovation, it’s best to start with at least a jumping point so the interior designer will have an idea of what suits your tastes and needs. Here are some things you can do to communicate with your interior designer your design ideal: 

Pinpoint the vibe

Even if you have the vaguest idea of what the room’s layout and design should be, one of the easiest ways to pinpoint a starting point is idealizing how you want the room to feel. Do you want the space to feel more lived-in that stylish, or did you want to the room to evoke the feeling of a vacation home versus somewhere you can feel productive? Define what you want your space to remind you of, and let your interior design interpret it for you in an executable blueprint. 

Figure out what the room is to be used for

Another way to jumpstart ideas for a room renovation is by understanding what the room’s function is. There are many ways to utilize space, even if it is supposedly assigned a purpose already.

For example, while the kitchen is understood to be the place where you prepare the food for the household, it can also be a space for entertaining guests and experimenting with new dishes – a function that would need more counter space and a sitting area for the guests. Figuring this put largely depends on your lifestyle, so it’s best to have a talk with your interior designer about your interests and daily habits. 

Create a mood board

Some people communicate better with visuals, and that is a great exercise in letting your interior designer understand your design aesthetic. Browse design magazines and create a collage of your favourite looks; don’t mind if they don’t actually go together. The important thing is to be able to show your interior designer the styles that delight you, so they can incorporate it in your space. 

Alternatively, you can also show your interior designer a piece of artwork you really like, or furniture that you have to include in your space. These ‘pegs’ can inspire them to create a space-based on these items and help incorporate them into the design.

Let the budget dictate the scope

In a perfect world, you would have all the resources you need to renovate your home to your liking, but reality dictates that you have limits, particularly the financial kind. However, intelligent and purposeful design is defined by how well it creates a delightful space within boundaries, so in this case, the limits help in letting your interior designer come up with a proposed scheme. 

It helps if you look for an interior design firm that has packages that can fit your budget, even if your idea for the upgrade is still vague at best. You can check out the different offerings from Design 4 Space, which has over 60 promotional packages, depending on your design needs:

Beyond the things, you have to do to help communicate your aesthetic to your interior designer, it is also important that you choose one who is responsive, communicative, and can collaborate with you to create your dream space. Design 4 Space prides itself for its interior designers who are hands-on with their clients, knowledgeable in their expertise and has an impeccable eye for style. 

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