As 2020 has just started, many of you might be thinking about new changes that you can incorporate in your home this year to give it a fresh appearance. If an area in your home needs to be uplifted or simply a paint change is required, we have discussed some of the easy renovations that can enhance your home. 

Mellow Yellow is the colour this year

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Located at 824 Jurong West.

One way to change the overall impact of your house is to change your hallway or foyer appearance. This can be simply done with a fresh coat of a new colour or just rearranging the things already present in your space. If you’re interested in painting your foyer area, then you should know that a light shade of yellow is the “It” colour for the entrance areas in 2020. This yellow colour will be a bright addition to any space but it will be more impactful if you have your whole house painted in neutral colours. This dried sunflower colour will add a warmer feel to your space. 

Invest in new flooring 

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If your floors are still covered in wall to wall carpeting in 2020, then you should seriously think about changing your floors. In the year 2020, we will see no carpeted floors for sure. Small rugs and carpets will be in fashion as small accent pieces. An all-time favourite is an all-wooden floor preferably in darker shades too. Wooden floors can be a little expensive, so if this isn’t in your budget then you can opt for affordable alternatives like wooden laminates or vinyl tiles. Clean finished cement flooring will also be a trend this year. This trend complements the minimalist look that has been going around for a few years now. Changing up the flooring can completely transform your space so if you have outdated flooring, changing it out maybe a good option for your home. 

Open themed houses

Located at 719 Pasir Ris, a modern interior design style, Resale HDB 5-Room Flat, Designed by Mennis Wan and Benjamin Lim. – mennis@design4space.com.sg / benjamin@design4space.com.sg 

One major renovation that will be the trend this year is open space floor plans. Closed spaces will be a thing of the past now. So, you can think of breaking down your walls to have a more open and airy feeling in your common spaces. Instead of having separate rooms for dining, kitchen and living area, you can have a common great room with specific areas according to your needs. This floor plan will make even small apartments appear bigger. 

Bring more greens in your spaces

This solution is for those who are on a budget. If you don’t have the funds for big renovations, simply adding plants to your space will enhance and change your space. Similar to the past 2-3 years, plants in indoor spaces will still be a trend to uplift any space. This trend is being adopted as people are getting more aware of the benefits some indoor plants have for our health in addition to being visually refreshing. People want sustainable homes with cleaner air and indoor plants are great wat of achieving this. 

Located at 188 Westwood Residence. A new condominium interior design designed by Vincent Chuah. – vincent@design4space.com.sg 

In general, the style trend that will stand out in most designed spaces in minimalism incorporated with sustainability. Homeowners want classic and fuss-free homes that will not need a renovation for many years to come. If you are thinking of renovating your space, these suggestions will definitely help you.

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