Living spaces, especially in urban areas can become pretty limited. While smaller rooms tend to be cosier and more intimate, they can start to feel claustrophobic fast.

We can’t really make up more space when we are limited by the structure of the building, but there are definitely ways to make any room feel much roomier. Here’s how you can make any room bigger without tearing down the walls: 

Open up the space

 Barring a major renovation, one of the things that would make a room seem bigger than it really is, is to take away dividers. Let the air flow from your living space to the kitchen to the dining area. In a studio, let your bedroom weave naturally into your living area. Also, make sure that the floor is visible to trick the eye into thinking that there’s more space to move in. 

Divide by the eye

Want your eating space to be away from the area where you sleep? No need to put that divider back up: just make sure that each area is distinct through colour or feel. You can also try to change the perspective a bit by raising the area: a bed on a platform divides the space without the constraint of walls. 

Go for the light colours

Dark walls and flooring tend to make the space feel more enclosed. Paint your walls a lighter and fresher colour: it opens up the space by reflecting light into nooks and corners.

Use Mirrors

Speaking of light, another way to trick the mind into believing that a space is bigger than it really is the creative use of mirrors. Huge wall-sized mirrors make dead-end walls look like an extension of the room, almost as if doubling the space. On the other hand, it can be quite overwhelming to have everything reflected back to you. In that case, settle for interesting mirrors propped up in unexpected places: the back part of cabinets or framed like a picture.

Use accent pieces

Of course, your space doesn’t have to be dull just because it needs to be roomier. Use accent pieces to highlight your favourite part of the room. An interesting vase against the white walls or a statement rug can easily express the personality you want for the room. 

Look to the sky

Don’t forget that your ceiling is still part of your room! It could become an interesting focal point of your space, whether it is through interesting light fixtures or a cool mural. 

Go Big

You’d think that to make a space seem bigger, the solution is to make everything else smaller. This is a myth: in fact, go big with statement pieces instead of clutter-adding knickknacks.

Keep it Lean

Choose a more streamlined silhouette in your furnishings, and opt for a minimalist aesthetic. Not only is it trendy, but it also makes for a more breathable and relaxing space. 

Use modular furniture

One way to save space is to have furniture that you can tuck away when you’re not using them. Nowadays, there are a lot of options for Murphy beds, and even tuck-away dining tables. You can also choose furniture that doubles its purpose, like seating that have storage spaces, or coffee tables that can be stacked into shelves.

Light it up

Here’s a trick to easily make the room more spacious: swap out the big shades on your lamp for smaller ones. This is even better for table lamps that have spindly bases – you get rid of the bulkiness that takes up even more space in your room. 

Also, creative use of lighting can seem to add more square meters to your room. Highlight the high ceilings with drop down lamps, or add wall lighting fixtures on shadowed areas. Better yet, open up your windows to let natural light in. 

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