DESCRIPTION: In the third series of A Gift For Mum programme, hosts Pornsak and Vivian Lai will take us through the heartwarming stories of six mothers, and the significance of the gift through a makeover of their favourite space at home. In addition, the child will DIY to renew furniture that is deeply cherished by the mother to give it a new look while keeping precious memories. 

Pornsak 第一次和赖怡伶联手主持第三系列《妈妈的礼物》。延续上两个系列的精神,常驻主持人赖怡伶和Pornsak走访六个家庭,将妈妈的爱心,通过厨房,卧房和客厅的精心改造,传送到每一个家。节目中,除了挖掘这份妈妈的礼物背后的感人故事,也让孩子亲手改装妈妈最爱的残旧家具,留住妈妈的宝贵回忆。

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