Like many first time home owners, we met several ID’s, Shawn was the one of the first few ID’s we met and we instantly felt he was the one for the job. What separated him from many others was that he instantly knew what we wanted even before we met, (through whatsapp messages and pictures of our ideas) and presented us with many fantastic ideas in 3d sketch for our project during our FIRST appointment, in which we barely made any major changes to it even up till our final draft! He was the only one that showed us that he had the passion to do this project for us instead of ‘just another job’. We had 101 queries as it is our first reno experience, he is extremely responsive throughout the entire process, even during late at night or when he has back to back meetings/appts. Responsiveness level did not change at all from before we met even till post hand over. Whenever we ask for the timeline/schedule, he will let us know as best he can. Whole process took 4 months as there were some delays here and there but it was mainly due to the tight year end schedules for the workers, but he still pushed the contractors as best he could. He will come up with solutions wherever possible and advise us straight up if our idea is not feasible or advisable, instead of making empty promises. He communicated very clearly the costs and areas with potential costs, there werent any unexpected costs for our project. He’d throw in a few free gifts/items here and there, which we really appreciate! Overall workmanship for carpentry (using eco plywood, no awful glue smell) and the partition/false ceilings is excellent, would especially like to commend Mr Arif for his excellent carpentry workmanship and attitude, Ah Qi for making Shawn’s fantastic ideas feasible. Tiling aspect has room for improvement, we had already asked to top up grouting twice but results were the same. We had to accept and close one eye. With all that being said, cost wise was very reasonable, compared to many other firms, which made the whole process even more commendable. Strongly recommend Shawn for his design ideas, excellent responsiveness and passion to exceed expectations.