It is our blessing to have worked alongside Lee Sing during this period of transitioning. With other renovation works, it seems inevitable that COVID would cause a few hiccups. However, with Lee Sing and Design 4 Space, we never had to worry about this problem. In fact, Lee Sing did her ultimate best and allowed us to move in to our unit way earlier than most of our neighbours from the same block. Lee Sing is a fun, friendly and cheerful designer to work with. You will always see her with a smile on her face despite the numerous amount of requests from us. She would always strive to achieve what we aim for and does it without any complaints. A professional and is super responsive which is what we really appreciate. Even after we had fully moved in, there were occasions we discover minor minor details which needed touch ups and she would fix it almost immediately for us. THANK YOU LEE SING!!! 💙☺️

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