“ID with lots of Patience & Passion”

A first time owner that just went through renovation on resale HDB. Like all other first timer, the process of looking for suitable ID can be tricky. Fortunately , I found Lee Sing from Design 4 Space. (An ID with lots of patience & passionate about her job )

All this started with reading some online review of IDs, this info from multiple review “Lee Sing is patience” drew my attention. Met up with her a few session for discussion, confirm and never looked back.

Throughout the whole renovation, Lee Sing is consistence on all correspondence and timely follow up. She literally handles everything for you, be prepare for alot of calls and texts from her on top of the constantly update of the renov progression. A Super PATIENCE and resourceful ID with lots of experience , Lee Sing have great rapport with her team – in my opinion it really do influence the quality of both the work done and any rectification.

Once again, Lee Sing if you see this Many Thank You for the hardwork put into my house and i strongly recommend her to all home owner.

Design is well done. As I have limited space constraints, challenging but she is able to fit in all my requirement and within my budget.

Workmanship is good. Everything is well plan and well co-ordinated from conseal water piping to gas pipe.

Services provided is excellent. Always provide update on the progress. Queries responsed timely with alot of patience.

Value for Money
Value for money. More or less prices across most reputable ID firms are similar. The service and workmanship is good.