“An ID that listens and tailors a design that meets both our wants and needs!”

We would like to extent our heartfelt thanks to Shermin for her commitment in renovating our home and handing it to us slightly ahead of schedule. She had been very accommodating, giving us the space required to settle in, and planning activities to suit our schedule.

Throughout the renovation, Shermin had been very patient in listening to us, taking into consideration our lifestyle and habits, integrating them with her design. What we really appreciate was that she was never defensive to our queries and was always prompt in her response with facture details and resolution plans. She would also come up with proposals along the way. She was also helpful in our furniture selection and would provide us with suggestions.

Having lived through multiple reno projects, the workmanship of her team is definitely one of the better ones we had seen, though not the best. We did still encounter minor issues with the work, which were swiftly rectified.

To conclude, Shermin delivered the outcome that was promised, and in some areas, exceeded our expectations. The experience was one of a partnership, where we are able to feel the sincerity that she really wants to ensure that we are satisfied with the experience. This will definitely set the bar for our future renos.

Design is something that is subjective. My wife and I like the 3D diagrams and are glad that the design turned out to be a close resemblance of it. I think the key element here is really the subtle areas in the design that were tweeted during the reno, to suit our lifestyle. A big plus for patiently listening to us and thinking of ways to address our needs, while still delivering the wants.

There were a few hiccups along the way, which required Shermin’s swift hand at getting her guys to rectify. Having been through several renovations within my family, I would say that the workmanship though up there with the better ones, are not the best that we have seen. Definitely have some areas of improvements.

Shermin is quick to respond to queries. Issues flagged to her were also swiftly and effectively rectified within days. Her team of workmen were also quite interesting to converse with on reno insights.

Value for Money
Prior to engaging her, we did a comparison with other ID firms. Each firm tends to have differing works that stand out more in terms of the numeration, The quote that we received were reasonable and in no way do we feel that we are not getting our money’s worth.

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