I wanted to share with you the work that was done in my new home and what a great job Carmen Yang did for us as our ID.  My wife and I met a number of different designer companies before we decided to go with Carmen and Design4Space.  I will say that from day one she was very professional and right away impressed me on how she took on our requirements and how creative she was when she made suggestions and recommendations.  From the time the work started till the very end she was always available to help and willing to meet us outside the office.

The home we picked is a 4bdrm HDB maisonette. We liked the fact the ground floor already had a room built which we needed as we have 3 kids.  The beauty of this place was it was bare and empty so we let Carmen create and come out with the designs for our lighting, bedrooms, dining and living room.  Since we are always looking to give our kids space, we decided to give our 2 boys loft beds in each of their room.  Especially the Study/Bedroom on the ground floor as the spacing there was smaller compare to the rooms upstairs.  It worked out great as there was plenty of space below for my son to read and storage space was built in on the steps as well as the side of the bed. Bedroom 2 is another room with a loft bed and this time we took advantage using the entire space by the window making it into a long desk.  You can also see we picked a corner fan for his room as the usual ceiling fan cannot work with a loft bed.  Bedroom 3 is for our daughter and while she didn’t ask for much we built her a desk along with a book shelf but the one thing she did request was to have an led light in her room.  Since her favorite color is purple we went with this theme along with the paint in her room.  The main bedroom I needed a working area as we are now WFH and I needed the space as well enough room for my TV so my wife can watch her Korean shows on Netflix 😊.  We love the led light behind our bed as it makes it more cozy for us before we go to sleep.  My favorite spot out of everywhere in the house is my bar ledge in the living room. This is something I requested to Carmen and I am so happy with it.  I can take my break from working at my desk and bring my laptop down stairs.  I have my morning coffee while I see everyone running around the park.  We can have a glass of wine as the day winds down, so many times I can say we used that spot to relax and share a drink with our friends.  On top of all that, my entertainment system was perfectly built to house my new 75 inch TV which I can relax and enjoy watching my sports over the weekend.  One thing we needed was more storage space and as you can see from the dining area, balcony and even living area we have storage and cabinets built in.  Overall, we are so happy with the work that has been done and I have recommended to Carmen two of my colleagues who are also doing their home renovation and decided to work with her as well.