“Review of Design 4 Space ID Daryl”

Working with Design 4 Space was a pleasant experience. Daryl was responsive and quick with the turnaround for queries, submission of materials and designs for evaluation and post-reno defects. Although there were times that he misunderstood our instructions, and several calculation errors at the firm’s end, rectifications were quickly made and the whole project was completed in a timely manner. We are pleased with the result!

The design was aesthetically pleasing. The ideas came from us, but Daryl was able to supplement and provide drafts quickly.

Construction quality was good, with strong materials and a wide array of options. Any defects were also minor and could be easily fixed.

Daryl was responsive and helpful. There were times when communications were hindered but things always got back on track and service was unwavering.

Value for Money
The firm provided a reasonable quote and was able to fix any calculation errors quickly. They were not pushy to insist they were right.

Link Source: https://www.hometrust.sg/interior-designers/design-4-space-pte-ltd/review/6152