Vincent Chuah from Design 4 Space”

This is the first time we are engaging an ID and just like most people, we asked friends for recommendations and googled for reviews. We intended to shift into the house in June and we started requesting for quotes as early as in Jan as we wanted to give ourselves and the ID more time to discuss about the design and renovations. However most of the IDs who replied told us that as it still quite early, they will work on the design and get back to us in March for discussions. The only exception was Vincent who got back to us with a proposed design and a discussion (to find out our needs and expectations) within three days. Vincent knew that we didn’t want the renovation to be a rushed affair and that’s why we started looking for an ID in Jan though the move-in was 6 months away.

We met up with Vincent at least 5 times throughout the whole renovation process and each discussion took more than an hour, and each time Vincent was very attentive and could understand what we wanted. I remembered asking him what kept him going as the working hours are so long and what we (and the other house owners) wanted kept changing for each discussion, and Vincent said it was his passion for the job and to imagine that he is the one staying in the house, hence he is very committed in his job.

During the renovation process, there were problems but we felt very reassured because Vincent was very responsive and fast in solving the problems and keeping us updated. This was very important to us because we have heard of IDs who were not responding or were very laidback after closing the deal, and the house-owners were left wondering what to do.

If you are looking for an ID who is reliable and dependable (even after the renovation is completed), Vincent is the one you should really look for. Engage Vincent and let his work and service speak for him.