“Simple but comfortable”

The designer who knows our needs very well and our design style. He also has a very good attitude. He is very patient in explain our doubts and give us some advice of the kitchen design and suitable materials of the kitchen such as kitchen cabinets, table top and drawers. During the construction process, he will also take the initiative to tell the progress of the project to us. The important thing is that handover the house to us in the deadline.

The design of the kitchen is very simple but I feel very comfortable when I was in the kitchen. Just nice

During the construction, the workers were very careful, and the ground was covered with paper. After the project was finished, the house was also cleaned and handed over.

The designer provided a very good service, He will take the initiative to tell us the progress of the project, especially during the construction period, we are all busy.

Value for Money
We discussed with the designer and he helped us make the right design within our budget. The price is within our acceptable budget