We engaged ID Lee Sing from design4space for a 4room flat renovation. This is our first time doing our renovation and Lee sing manage to give us a peace of mind every step of the way. She is very patient with us and will always find time to do any explanation when we have any query our renovation. She is also very responsive which we really appreciate. We are very kiasu owners, we will msg her during midnight when we think of something about our renovation and she will never fail to get back to us the next following day. Despite of her busy schedule, she will always heads-up us that she will get back to us as soon as possible. She will also initial onsite video calls to do any clarifications with us when we are unable to be there at our home. Like all other renovations, there were of course issues that came up along the way, but Lee sing is also prompt in resolving any issues that we brought up and give us a detail timeline of rectifying them. We are very please with her professionalism and detail planning for our renovation. Overall, we had a very pleasant experience working with her! 😀😀

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