“On Time Every Time!”

It has been in my thoughts for quite some time to renovate my existing home which my family had stayed for 16 years, however due to the pandemic I had pushed the decision further down the road. It was only till last year Sep where me and my wife decided to take the plunge to fulfil our renovation dream. We had a very challenging timeline as we would like to start the renovation in Nov and complete by Dec, main consideration factors were to leverage on the school holidays period as well as temporary accommodation during the renovation. In fact, minus weekends and public holidays, there weren’t many working days left in these two months. Just to provide a high level context on the renovation scope, my family stayed in a HDB executive flat with a floor area of 132 sq meters. We renovated the entire house which included hacking of walls, floors, tearing down of doors and windows, etc. Since there was only limited time for me to source for ID, movers, storage and rental apartment, I only shortlisted 2-3 IDs. After initial discussion with all the IDs, we decided to go with Vincent Chuah from Design4Space. The positive reviews that I have read online and the design concept were the key factors that influenced our decision. In order for the renovation to start on time, there were many details to be discussed and finalized. To be honest, the level of details required were much more than I would have expected initially. Vincent is someone that I came across as a person who is committed to his work, his expectation on the work quality and design concept. He had sacrificed lots of his personal and family time in the evening to discuss the details and some of the discussion ended beyond midnight. Personally I feel it’s also important for us as a homeowner to respect the personal and family time of the ID hence typically I don’t disturbed him over the weekend. During the course of the renovation, it’s expected to have ongoing discussion on the details and modify the design as needed. Also due to the scale of the renovation, there were hiccups along the way however we were able to discuss the resolution quickly without blaming or finger pointing. All these had to take place promptly as we had a tight timeline to complete the renovation. With all these factors. Vincent can be perceived by homeowners as pushy however it is always with a good intention to handover the project on time as committed. During the initial discussion, Vincent also requested for our timely response to his queries during the renovation period as this will be a key factor to complete the renovation on time. My family vacated our home on 7th Nov 2022 and moved back on 3rd Jan 2023. Though the renovation wasn’t fully completed, it was good enough for the family to move back with some minor follow up works to be completed. While writing this review, it has been almost seven months since my family moved back to our home and we are very happy with the renovation. We had relatives, friends and neighbours visit our newly renovated home, and they were very impressed with the design as well. Till date, whenever I have any query, Vincent will also respond promptly. Last but not least, my family would like to express our sincere thanks to Vincent and all his contractors for their hard work in meeting the tight timeline without compromising on the quality of work. Thank You!

Link Source: https://maps.app.goo.gl/6vLVooFddXTEfUQP9