Embarking on a home renovation project during covid can be challenging. Despite having our own direct contacts for carpenters/plumbers/electricians etc., we decided to engage a reputable renovation firm this time to coordinate for us due to the manpower crunch and potential delays that could happen as a result of any additional covid restrictions. And we are glad we did! We had quite an extensive renovation – basically refurbishing everything except our flooring. All went on smoothly despite us facing some issues in renovating an old condo unit (eg. gas/water leakage issues, faulty window arms etc.). Our designer Benjamin, having years of experience in this field, always managed to get us the necessary help timely and effectively. We completed our renovation in time, I must say that is usually quite rare when it comes to renovation. Design 4 Space may not be the cheapest renovation quote we had, but definitely the best decision we made for a home renovation during this period.