Qanvast helped us in getting a few quotes to initiate the process. D4S wasn’t the cheapest, and neither was the most expensive too but what made us decide to further our renovation journey with D4S was the ID. Eddy was the most responsive and amenable ID that we came across, and that’s why we ended up with D4S. He was professional and patient with us throughout the whole process. He respect our choices but at the same time, subtlely gave us advice for the renovation design too. Due to unforseen circumstances, we did burst our budget, and for that, he actually helped us to prioritize the necessary features instead, which was commendable. Overall, we are very happy with the outcome of our renovation, as he continued to help us with minor post-renovation issues too. We were confident to introduce Eddy to my colleague who has also started the renovation journey with him too. 😀