Clean Lines Minimalist Decor-Good Job By Winny Ng(Design4Space)

Recently my wife & I had the pleasure of working with Winny Ng to transform our dated abode. As we are approaching our golden years, we need something simple, functional, practical and elderly friendly, but not at the expense of quality. Winny came up with great ideas and recommendations to make our dream came true. We were extremely happy with the results. Along the way we found her to be very helpful, patient, accommodating and able to address minor problems straight away. Her coordination work are top-notch. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Winny for future projects…

Overall design were excellent. Lots of clean lines, practical and functional which suit our needs. Ease of flow and clearance were good. Our ideas were also incorporated.

Carpentry, electrical, tiling and window works were great. Very delicate and fine finish. No major issues with the workmanship. Minor problems were resolved right away. Materials used were first-rate.

Exceptional service by Winny. Quick to addressed our concerns and gave valuable advice. Issues that surfaced were resolved without additional costs.

Value for Money
Depending on how you look at it. Looking at the price initially, we found it to be on the high side. However, seeing the finished products, the price became acceptable. The materials used were of high-quality and strong. After sales service were excellent, no qualm about that. Kudos to Winny and her team of skilled craftsmen.

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