“Reliable, responsive and great project management by Shermin”

We had the pleasure of getting Shermin to do our house renovation and it exceeded all our expectations. To be honest from the start I already knew she was one of the shortlisted IDs I want to see knowing that she has immense experience in doing EM which is what our house is: A 36 year old EM. None of the other IDs I met came close to what she proposed as we had some special wants like a gym room and study room to be built. We also wanted lots of storage without compromising on space. We still want the house to look big and airy.

She gave us all that and came up with new ideas that I never thought of. As we knew that the house is pretty old and it bring resale and an EM, we needed a ID with experience that can handle any surprises that came along the way during Reno. Renovating a resale flat is more difficult than the usual BTO so if we are going to be spending a lot of money on renovations. It’s best to find one with experience.

We went with her because she loves renovating EM and had many past EM projects under belt so we knew we were in good hands. The price wasn’t the cheapest but it was reasonable. She was also very transparent in her quotation and there weren’t any hidden TBC costs even in her initial quotation. We had additional VOs along the way since we wanted more stuff and the final cost exceeded only about 10% of the initial quotation. So the price was very reasonable considering that we destroyed the entire interior of the house and redid the place. The sub con that they used for electrical was also the most reasonable price out of all the others I have heard.

Her project and client management was also top notch. She always answered our questions and calls within an hour to set us at ease. The renovation also stuck to the timeline. It started on 6 June and she told us it will be ready in the first week of sept. So we can move in after the ghost month. There were no delays. The house was ready to move in on the first week on sept and we moved in officially on 15 sept 2023.

This is our house : https://www.instagram.com/reel/CwpSlSBybxI/?igshid=MzRlODBiNWFlZA==


We wanted a house that was not only practical but also aesthetic. I know I wanted wood and white and she proposed giving us black window grilles and black stairway rails. The house ended up with the modern theme that looks very aesthetic. Not only that the tiles and floorings as well as bathroom and lights accessories were not only easy to maintain but nice looking as well.

Workmanship was close to excellent. Nothing is of course perfect. We got a professional defect checker I mean why not right since we are spending over 130k on renovations. And the defect checker gave the renovation 9.5/10. He even asked us why we hired him for since our ID did such a good job.

You can tell that Shermin and her team really took pride in their work.

As mentioned. Her service is top notch. She replies very fast and will take the time to explain to us thoroughly. Even after we moved in, she was quick to schedule rectifications to be done. Even after the official handover. The renovation comes with 2 year warranty.

Value for Money
Not the cheapest but also not the most expensive. Prices are reasonable although the electrical cost was probably the cheapest I have heard and we rewired the entire house.

Our renovation in our previous BTO by another company gave us 5 years whereas D4S is 2 years.
Link Source: https://www.hometrust.sg/interior-designers/design-4-space-pte-ltd/review/6156