Hi! We want to share some renovation experiences with Tee & Gary. First of all, big thanks to Tee & Gary who have helped us to achieve our dream home! They gave us a lot of good advice on the design and were also very proactive in giving suggestions. They helped us to buy and install a bidet neatly, which is very important for us, and assisted us to install all the lighting and also the curtains. They also helped us to talk to the condo’s management while we were out of the country (very helpful!). They also found so many defects in our new condo (even the smallest defect) before the renovation. Tee is very friendly and was so patient in answering so many questions from us. Also, we were so excited because the renovation was finished earlier than the ETA, so that we can move in earlier too (which is GREAT)! Once again, thank you for assisting us to build the coziest home that we always wanted. Thank you so much for your help, Tee & Gary! 🙂