Vincent is a reliable individual who can be counted on! I terminated my first ID’s services just before starting our renovation due to certain reasons. However, everything was arranged, including our leave and place to stay. The renovation period was the best time for us to start the work to minimize disruption to my son’s O level. I took a chance and reached out to Vincent to help take over the renovation, even though he only had 2 weeks before the start date. He accepted the challenge and immediately scheduled a discussion. We went through the proposal and made some adjustments. He was efficient, and there was no pressure or obligation. He even worked until midnight to finalize the quotation after work. Within a few hours on the same date, he sent us the confirmation of the proposal and quotations. I was thoroughly impressed with his efficiency and dedication. Throughout the renovation, Vincent made sure to keep us updated on the progress and ensured that the work was up to our expectations. When there were some minor issues, he quickly reacted and coordinated with his workers to ensure everything was done correctly. Vincent completed the renovation on the promised date and took pride in his work. He always prioritized the customer’s best interests. After the renovation, he followed up with us and quickly coordinated with his workers to address some small matters. Overall, Vincent is a trustworthy, responsible ID!

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