“Design for “SPACE””

Shortlisted a few ID & after meet up with Carmen Yang from Paya Lebar branch, my gut feel that she will delivered my expectation. Indeed, it was a wonderful experience. With the uniqueness of Punggol northshore living room floor plan and bedroom. She manage to propose and make sure my 4 room flat don’t not look crampy. With the open concept after hacking those wall, we have plenty of walking space and for my kid to run around. Air con trucking were well concealed as there is an isolated room on the other end. Overall, Carmen is professional, follow up was great especially during this pandemic where everything were pretty much delayed. Thumb up.

Design for space indeed makes my home more spacious.

Based of the 3D drawing everything was close, carpentry work was great.

Excellent services.

Value for Money
Reasonable price for the quality work I have