I was glad to come across Design 4 Space after considering 2 other ID firms. I received a follow-up from ID Sherwin right on the following day after I submitted a query to their office email. That was a really positive first impression since I didn’t get a response to my email or only gotten a response 2 weeks after from my earlier experiences with other ID firms/ renovation contractors. Sherwin immediately initiated a meeting to understand my renovation requirements better. Though my project is considered small scale (i.e 2 bathrooms renovation), Sherwin was attentive and explained the process of works involved, especially waterproofing works for the bathrooms. I appreciated Sherwin’s recommendations and considerations especially when it comes to tile selections and tile laying, and also other aspects/ areas of my house that I can consider improving while taking this opportunity when the bathrooms were undergoing works. The entire renovation period has been seamless to me, thanks to Sherwin’s professionalism in ID and project managing.

Link Source: https://g.co/kgs/Xxuk1c