I would like to thank Shermin for the renovation of my small kitchen and service yard. Shermin is able to take charge and cater to my many requests/needs, changes and rectifications promptly. The contractors, tilers, electricians, plumbers were all experienced. Workmanship was good and well done. Some of them had to come down a few trips just to rectify my requests. I am satisfied with her service and recommendation for tiles, suspended dish rack, bifold glass door, windows. Indeed, during the tiles selection, there were some tiles that I like were not available due to shipment delays and we had to secure the tiles, she was able to find a suitable color/texture tiles to match with my hexagon tiles in 1.5hrs. I’m also very happy with my Blum tandembox drawers and Blum tracks and hinge soft closing system – though expensive but you get what you pay for.Also, there was pipe choking issue that happened after usage of the sink, Shermin was able to get the plumber to rectify the situation the very next day.Once again, a big thank you to Shermin and her team.

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