“Compliment and trustworthy ID Edmund”

My 2nd time engaging Edmund Lee from Design4space. This time, he did my aunt place, followed by my mum place. He directed workers on site. When work was completed which was not to his liking(not even us complaining), he asked the workers to reactify. where to find such reliable ID for renovation. thanks Edmund, for the good work and the no worries during the period., cos u be there to oversee, cordinate work schedule.

yes. Mum always asked for his opinions and he would gave his honest n professional advice. realistic views.

yes. The work which was not to his satisfaction, he would ask to redo. He cordinate the schedule for us.

if not, i wont find him again to do another 2 premises. Wotk not satisfied, he ask worker to redo. we didnt even complain

Value for Money
easily, compare apple to apple by my HIP, his quote still lower overall, his price is reasonable and value for money