Amazing and Honest Interior Designer who marries form and function”

Terence Sin is a rare breed of Interior designer, one who can marry artistry with practicality. His designs are truly inspired, with a mixture of Zen, Nordic, modern and luxury that truly brings serenity and class to one’s home.

In fact, we were so impressed with his designs, this is the second time we have engaged his services to design our home. Be assured that his attention to detail, strong work ethic, and excellent after sales service. We never felt uncomfortable working with him, and he was always honest and open with us from everything to pricing to planning. Terence is no simple “yes man” and will tell you if something is not optimal even if it ate into his profit margins.

There have been many times that Terence goes above and beyond his duties to help us with this project, from personally following us shop for perfectly matched furniture, to choosing custom lighting fixtures. Not only does Terence have great aesthetical sense, but he is incredibly ethical as well. There have been times when Terence would advise on the best prices and great deals and recommend us shops that fit our budget and demands.

Know that Terence will also dedicate his time no matter the time of day or the issue. He entertains even the most trivial requests and was onsite to ensure everything from shipping of furniture to installation of carpentry was carried out correctly. Terence was even willing to try new and unconventional ideas that turned our home into a one-of-a-kind abode.

For example, we found him one day sitting on the floor doing a defect inspection for our doors and scrapping off some excess gel. He even at times settled issues out of his own pocket even when they were not his responsibility.

In fact, it was a minor miracle that he was able to deliver the project given the shortage of skilled manpower in the middle of the COVID pandemic, yet he was not only able to do so but exceeded our expectations.

The photos included for the project are simply a testament to his work, a warm inviting home that showcases not only his designs but made the best use of the seaside view, making your first step into the property an awe inspiring and impressive event. From the first step into the lobby, to the entrance into the main area and beyond, you are greeted by a sublime marriage of form and function. Nothing in the home is frivolous, everything has some practical and aesthetic value.

We value Terence’s work so much, we even recommended him to several friends as well. Rest assured you will be in good hands.

Thank you so much Terence! We will be sure to engage you again in the future!

Amazing Aesthetics combining Nordic, Zen and luxury influences that are

ID personally checked and reviewed the project and solved all outstanding issues quickly and superbly.

Fantastic before and after care service. Went above and beyond the call of duty.

Incredible work ethic.

Value for Money
Great pricing! Sometimes made us think we were taking advantage of him.