This is the second time we have engaged Vincent from Design4Space! Needless to say, we are very pleased with the

“Choose Vincent, no problem”

Many homeowners will face these issues: So many IDs to choose from, unprofessional IDs with bad end results, nightmare experiences etc etc.

But if you choose Vincent, I guarantee you will NOT have these worries. From day 1 to completion, Vincent has always been professional, efficient, and prompt in his work and ensures everything is a smooth process. He also personally comes down to the house to oversee the renovation.

What initially was our concern and nightmare of a timeline due to shortage of manpower and raw materials, were resolved by him. The renovation was completed 3 whole weeks earlier. His team of contractors started work on the cabinets and wardrobes even while waiting for the previous owner to shift out, by taking measurements first (with previous owners’ permission of course) to cut down on the timeline.

Workmanship was of course to our satisfaction. We have seen many social medias and tik toks about how we should go about designing our home. But we never thought whether it would be practical/functional or not, once we start using it. Vincent’s years of experience and vision provided suggestions that bring good balance between visual perfection and practicality.

Some unlucky individuals would encounter faulty items only after they shifted in. We have heard of IDs, where once renovation is completed and handover is done, they wash their hands off and anything beyond that is none of their problems. Our light fixture unfortunately was faulty only after we shifted in and using it for a shortwhile. But one call to Vincent, and he managed to get in touch with the lighting shop to do a 1-to-1 exchange at no cost.

So when it comes to your dream home, choosing Vincent means 他办事,你放心 👍🏻

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