We had good experience with them during our home renovation recently, especially the ID that handled our renovation, Ivan Lee. He is very helpful, giving great ideas, accommodating and most importantly responsive. He would reply to our messages and questions everyday. The decision to engage them was quite fast, as we’ve been recommended by our friend who was also satisfied with Ivan’s work. We only need 2 meet ups to confirm their service and the renovation journey started immediately. During the meetings prior to the renovation work, Ivan always very proactive and give comments and inputs about the design. He would asked what we have in mind and what we like then improve upon it. The whole duration for the renovation was quite fast, about 8 weeks for whole house renovation, and we were very happy about it as Ivan kept pushing and controlling the schedule. The quality of the works also very good with some minor defects which is common and expected, but easily and immediately rectified. Overall we’re very satisfied with their service and will recommend their service, especially Ivan to our friends.