home reno”

Singaporeans are proud homeowners and planning to renovate their homes can get exciting, but also lead to anxieties and concerns! Choosing the right and not necessary the best (as best is subjective) contractors can be daunting to say the least. My family recently went through the renovation journey with Design 4 Space and these are my takeaways .. as with any relationships, there are bound to be ups and downs but what matters are how these challenges are resolved. The company is as good as the employees it engaged and Design 4 Space certainly has a great team of staff. Our lead ID was Sylvia Xue, and together with her trusted assistant, Tristine, managed and delivered the reno project with diligent and commitment. Working in liaison with their specific skilled tradesmen, we were able to realise our expected design ideas barring some unforeseen circumstances. It difficult to make recommendations if your personal journey is negative but fortunately, ours was as smooth as it could be under various circumstances. I would strongly recommend Design 4 Space for anyone seeking a professional team for any home renovations. A job well done to Sylvia and her team!