I am absolutely delighted to write this heartfelt review for our exceptional interior designer, Reid So, from Design 4 Space, who made our home renovation journey an absolute pleasure. From start to finish, his professionalism, patience, attentiveness, and consideration for our budget exceeded our expectations in every way.

Reid took the time to listen attentively to our ideas, preferences, and aspirations for our home. He understood our vision and translated it into designs for our consideration. He consistently maintained open lines of communication, ensuring that we were well-informed and involved at every stage of the renovation. He is readily available to answer our questions, address any concerns, and provide valuable guidance. Reid’s prompt responses and willingness to collaborate made us feel valued and confident about the entire process.

Reid demonstrated a genuine commitment to working within our financial means without compromising on the quality or aesthetics of the renovation work. His attention to detail was evident in every aspect of the project, ensuring that even the smallest elements were meticulously planned and executed to perfection. Reid’s dedication, passion, and commitment to delivering outstanding results were truly remarkable, we recommend him to anyone seeking professional advice in their home renovation journey.

The design struck the perfect balance between elegance and comfort, transforming our space into a beautiful sanctuary that perfectly reflects our personal style.

Good workmanship. Every detail was meticulously executed with precision and care, resulting in a finished product that exudes quality and craftsmanship.

Professional, attentiveness, and prompt communication made the entire process smooth and enjoyable. Excellent.

Value for Money
Worked within our budget without compromising on the quality or aesthetics of the renovation project.