Renovation experience with Design 4 Space – ID Winny Ng”


Dear Design4space,

I am writing this email to express my appreciation for the wonderful interior design work done by Interior Designer Winny. I engaged her services to renovate my 3-room flat in Woodleigh, and I must say that she has done an excellent job. Throughout the renovation process, Winny has shown great professionalism, responsiveness, and dedication to ensuring that I am satisfied with the outcome.

One of the things I really appreciate about Winny is her responsiveness. Whenever I had questions or concerns, she would answer within hours, which made me feel like I was always in the loop. She also occasionally took photos and updated me on the progress via Whatsapp, which was really helpful for me to visualize the changes in my flat.

Winny went above and beyond in helping us order a door handle, which we preferred. It was very kind of her to assist us in this way, and it saved us a lot of hassle. I must also mention that during the Covid period, when key collection was set for end September 2022, I asked her to expedite the renovation process. She gave us an estimation of completion by mid-December 2022. Despite the lack of manpower during that period, she was able to hand over the completed renovation on 15th December 2022, which was less than three months during the Covid period. This showed her dedication and commitment to her work.

Winny tried her best to incorporate our preferences and ideas into the design, while also explaining the limitations and alternative possibilities to us. For example, she explained the limitations of shower kerb dropdown and let us decide. This shows her transparency and honesty, which are essential qualities of an interior designer.

Our first meeting with her was via a two-hour Zoom call, during which she was open to our ideas and explored the possibilities and limitations. She even shared an electrician pricelist with us during the first Zoom call, which showed that there is transparency in her work. I understand that renovation prices vary, and I cannot compare item to item, but Winny’s outspoken and frank nature, and most importantly, open to our idea and aim toward our ideal home, made us choose her as our interior designer.

When it came to arranging the windows grill, Winny immediately arranged it within one week, unlike external companies, where I would have to wait for a month. This shows her ability to manage her time and resources effectively.

Finally, I would like to add that while Design4space may not be the cheapest interior design company, I believe that it is worth the money for the peace of mind that comes with a job well done. Overall, I am 85% satisfied with the renovation project, and I would recommend Winny’s services to others who are looking for an interior designer.

Once again, thank you for your excellent service and for assigning Winny to my renovation project. I look forward to working with Design4space in the future.

As a client of Winny’s, I am pleased to provide a design review of her work on my renovation project. Overall, I am happy with the final outcome, as it closely resembles the 3D renderings that were presented to me at the start of the project. While there were some amendments made to the design, they were minor and did not significantly affect the overall look and feel of the space.

One aspect of Winny’s work that I appreciated was her attention to detail. She took the time to listen to my preferences and provided valuable feedback and suggestions throughout the design process. She also provided regular updates on the progress of the project and kept me informed of any changes or issues that arose.

In terms of the final result, I would say that the design is at least 80% similar to the 3D renderings that were presented to me. The colors, textures, and overall aesthetic are consistent with what was shown in the renderings, and the layout and functionality of the space meet my expectations.

There were some minor amendments made to the design, such as the placement of a few fixtures and the size of a built-in cabinet, but these changes did not significantly alter the overall design. In fact, in some cases, the amendments improved the design and added to its functionality.

Overall, I am satisfied with the work that Winny has done and would recommend her services to others. Her attention to detail, responsiveness, and ability to deliver a design that closely matches the 3D renderings are all qualities that make her a valuable interior designer.

While I am glad that Winny did a good job overall with my renovation project, there were a few areas where the carpentry work could have been improved. Specifically, I noticed some issues with the sealing, finishing, and quality of the carpentry.

One issue that I noticed was the gap between the carpentry components and the floor. While I understand that some gaps may be unavoidable due to the nature of the materials used, I felt that these gaps could have been sealed off better to prevent dust and debris from collecting in them. Additionally, there were some sharp edges on the carpentry that were not properly sanded down, which could be a safety hazard.

Another issue that I noticed was that some of the screws used in the carpentry were not properly knocked in and concealed. This not only made the carpentry look less polished, but it also created a risk of injury if someone were to accidentally come into contact with the protruding screws.

I also noticed some issues with the quality of the laminate used for the carpentry. There were some areas where the laminate was not properly pasted, which created a rough and uneven surface. This was especially noticeable in areas where the laminate met at corners or edges.

While I did bring these issues to Winny’s attention, I understand that there may be limitations in terms of what can be done to rectify them. That being said, Winny did try to address some of these issues by sending her team back to fix them. While there is still room for improvement in the carpentry work, I appreciate Winny’s efforts to make things right.

Overall, while there were some issues with the carpentry work, I am still satisfied with the final outcome of the project. However, I would suggest that Winny pays closer attention to these details in the future to ensure that the carpentry work is of the highest quality possible.

One of the standout qualities of Winny as an interior designer was her excellent communication skills. Throughout the entire renovation project, she was very communicative and always responded to our questions and concerns in a very short period of time. This was very reassuring for us as homeowners, as we always felt that we were kept in the loop about the progress of the project.

Another thing that we appreciated about Winny’s communication style was that she was very talkative. She would often share her ideas and suggestions with us, which we found very helpful in terms of making decisions about the design of our home. It was clear that she was very passionate about her work, and we appreciated how she was always willing to go the extra mile to ensure that we were happy with the end result.

Overall, we were very impressed with Winny’s communication skills throughout the entire renovation process. Her responsiveness and talkativeness made us feel very comfortable working with her, and we always felt that we were in good hands. We believe that good communication is essential to any renovation project, and we feel that Winny did an excellent job in this regard. We would definitely recommend her services to anyone looking for a talented and communicative interior designer.

Value for Money
Winny’s rates were reasonable, they were slightly on the higher side compared to some other interior designers we had considered. However, we believe that the quality of work and level of service that we received from Winny justified the higher price. Ultimately, the decision on whether to hire Winny or another interior designer will depend on each individual’s budget and priorities. It’s important to consider not only the price, but also the level of expertise, experience, and communication skills that an interior designer brings to the table. In our opinion, Winny’s strengths in these areas made her worth the slightly higher price.