I engaged Edmund Lee from Design 4 Space (TradeHub) to help with renovating my place after reading plenty of excellent reviews on the web about him..He was extremely patient and attentive to the ideas that me and my wife had. On top of that, he was able to provide very valuable advice based on his expertise and experience. I feel that many top IDs have good ideas but they often insist upon their ideas without sufficient consideration of clients needs and wants. Some others only do what you ask of them and are more like contractors rather than designers. Edmund for us was very balanced and professional in this regard.His standards for the end product are also very high, sometimes even higher than ours. Sometimes the workers did sloppy work and he was very quick to rectify. Our feedbacks were also acted upon quickly and well resolved.In terms of shopping for fixtures, he also allowed us a free hand to decide where we wanted to source them from. He had great recommendations but never insisted on us buying anything through him.Edmund also often thought of ways to help us save on renovation. Our marble and parquet flooring seemed rather old but he told us not to worry as polishing would be sufficient. True enough, the flooring was as good as new after polishing.Overall, I’m so grateful to have Edmund help us with our renovations. If not for him, my lifespan would have shortened by many years. There are just so many little things that require professional expertise and experience, otherwise if I DIY sure end up super jialat..Couldn’t have asked for a better ID.. 1000%..

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