A rare gem found! Great ID Vincent Chuah!It’s really not easy finding a good, reliable, dependable, trustworthy, honest, approachable, friendly, efficient, tolerant etc etc home designer! But we found such rare gem, that’s Vincent Chuah from Design4Space! I got quotations and meet up with various popular ID firms but none except Vincent shows the enthusiasm and can click well with us on our very first visit! I believe such chemistry is most important when comes to do reno project as I had heard of too many unhappy stories about ID clashes with homeowners during the reno process. We signed up with him in end 2019 and due to covid we couldn’t start the project til late Oct 2020! Before project can kick start, we had many many discussions from July 2020, we almost met every weekend evening to wee hours like 3-4am on many nights! My hubby will show him pictures of what we are looking for and he will improvise to make the design workable for us. Both my hubby and Vincent exchanged knowledge and information amicably and all our discussions are happily concluded at end of day. Vincent had no complaints about the long and many sessions with us! I guess he saw and chatted with us much more than he did with his siblings lol! And we shared much happy memories eating dinner in his cosy office while discussing our designs! I quite missed the times at his office and his fellow colleagues too lol. No reno project can be perfect, I’ll be lying if I told you it’s! But Vincent tried his utmost best to satisfy and accommodate all our requests! My hubby is more of meticulous person hence he has higher expectations of workmanship and I know it’s not easy to meet up with his requirements at times but Vincent has been really very tolerant and understanding and accommodating I must say! He takes full responsibility for works that’s not up to satisfactory level and it’s really rare for an ID to accept it graciously. There’s surely shouting or complaining during reno process as we can’t put ourselves in each other’s shoes but this doesn’t affect our relationship with Vincent as at end of the day, he will really explain nicely and try to accede to our requests. His patience and good temper is indeed praiseworthy! After completion of home reno in early Apr 2021, whenever we have issues arising, we will WhatsApp to Vincent and he will immediately get people to come our place and fix it up. He’s not the type that stop servicing the customer once the reno is completed. He’s still as efficient and helpful and responsible as before (whether we only paid partial payment or full payment Liao) ! This is really the best after sales service I ever have! All friends who came to my place have nothing but praises to the beautiful designs and homely cosy feel it brings out. Our reno project may have ended, but definitely not our relationship as we have progressed from being your clients to friends now! I’m glad to chance upon Design4Space fb reviews and saw Vincent’s good reviews which prompted me to get him for consultation. He may be my friend now (but a total stranger prior to the reno) but I’m sincerely writing this review based on my experience and I hope many others who read my review will give him a chance for consultation and see if he can meet your expectations! You may then have the same good luck like me to get him as your ID! I’m sure you won’t regret your choice too!Last but not least, a big big thanks to Vincent, for taking up our reno job which I know it’s not an easy project (to handle the massive full revamp of whole house with high expectations from us lol). 辛苦了,谢谢你🥰

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