We engaged Michael for our condominium renovation works, we were planning to build a loft in our living room, but struggled to fit both stairs and television together in the same space it was quite limited. Of all the interior designers that we spoke with, Michael was the only one who patiently listened to our requests, took the time to experiment and come up with various ideas to try and accommodate our requests. The planning process took nearly 6-8 months simply because of how challenging it was, and I recall many meetings which lasted easily 2-4 hrs into the evenings with him where we would just sit and brainstorm to try and come up with a suitable solution. Throughout this entire process, Michael had been extremely professional and pleasant to work with, taking the time to listen to our requests, and making suggestions where appropriate. I was impressed with his attention to detail particularly when it came to designing the layout, measurements and lighting – often highlighting potential gaps / needs that we would have easily missed. During the actual renovation works, everything went smoothly with minimal delays and disruptions. Defects / areas of concern were promptly addressed and rectified. What was particularly impressive was even major rectification works were swiftly and promptly addressed. We had an issue with the loft stairs where, perhaps due to a miscommunication with the workers on the exact measurements, the bottom step was jutting out more than we would have liked – rectification would have required the entire set of steps to be taken down and shifted, and this was sorted out within a span of 1-2 weeks. Pricing was transparent and Michael took the time to thoroughly explain what we were paying for each item on the invoice. Overall, we have had an extremely positive experience and would heartily recommend this ID to anyone looking to renovate their home.

Link Source: https://maps.app.goo.gl/M2inya2oLUsY5dD3