“Peace of Mind with Vincent Chuah”

We are always dreaded having the idea of renovating…but we have to as our flat is of 20 years old, everything is going to south…my gal is grown up and needed a space which suits her current need. But with so many bad and even horror news/experiences we heard from media, friends that going into renovation is like betting of “heng” or “suay”.

To us, a good ID of course is trustworthy, will not jump ship half way, open for communication, patience, resourceful and respectful….Thus when our friend recommend Vincent, you know for them to recommend someone, this guy must be very capable and must have able to met their extremely high expectation. And subsequently it proves, working with him is sort of breeze to us.

If only we can upload our before photos and this will show how good is Vincent. He has changed our house from a very worn and outdated design into a ‘head-turner’ haha. The photographs we have upload are those areas that he have spent the most of his effort and brain juice for us, and we love love the ultimate result.

We are so glad that our friend’s recommending him and it is a very smooth (sometime fun) journey with him, we could not thank him so much for going all out to help us have such a beautiful house, we are a very proud homeowner now. Design-4-Space should keep him at all costs.

Out of what we have expected. We have received so many “wow” from friends and families that they never expected the changes of our house. We are so proud now because of Vincent Chuah.

Overall very good. The workers attitude are very good and they have no fuss to re-do should we have different opinions.

We have totally no complaints. In fact we feel bad always bugging him way after working hours…Some of you might said this is what a ID job is required but everyone have a family, Vincent is always there to make sure our queries, worries or doubts are being addressed.

Value for Money
Definitely so long with Vincent Chuah. From beginning till the wrapping up of the project, we never once feel being abandoned and this is what an homeowner most fear.