Reliable and Responsible Designer”

Terence is always reliable and responsive to our enquire and changes during the discussion and planning process. He also does give us sound advice and relevant design recommendations to us. Upon completion of our renovation, defects follow-up are also quick and fuss-free. Overall, it was a good experience and good renovation service was provided to bot of us. A piece of our mind, knowing that our renovation will be completed soundly.

The design we wanted was simple and minimalist, the outcome is what we had visualise and intended for.

The workmanship quality s not bad at all, there are some minor defects but was rectify quickly and follow-up was hassle free.

Yes, excellent customer was provided to us and enquiries were replied quickly. No question about good customer service.

Value for Money
Overall, we did a simple renovation for our home and it should be consider a bare minimum renovation for us.