On a spur of the moment, we just walked in to the Design 4 Space outlet at Tradehub 21 and was served by Mr Daryl Ang. Daryl listened attentively and took note of our family’s needs, wants, considerations and constraints. Truth be told, we did not expect much when we met with Daryl up again to take a look at his proposal. We thought the proposed price would be much higher than what we intended. We were pleasantly surprised that his proposal was reasonably priced as compared to the other 2 companies that we looked at. In the end, we decided to work with Daryl on our home renovation. Daryl is a good listener and is attentive to our needs. He understood what our family needed and worked towards realising these needs. He proposed good ideas but also spoke up and explained if our ideas were not feasible or could burst our home renovation budget. Some of the communication was made face-to-face but due to our busy work schedule, we also communicated via Whatsapp. Communication was open, friendly and respectful. He was also meticulous and punctual in handling issues and clarifying our doubts. He updated any changes made and replied to our comments and queries promptly. In any project, there were bound to be mistakes. We felt that some mistakes could have been avoided but we worked them out amenably. We dropped by our house frequently to check on the progress of the renovation and highlighted any issues that we could see. Daryl and his team were fast in rectifying and correcting these issues that we highlighted. All in all, we are very satisfied with the level of professionalism that Daryl displays in carrying out his role as a designer and coordinator of our home renovation. His designs were innovative and the proposed solution to our needs were well-thought. We enjoyed our working relationship with Daryl. We highly recommend Daryl to anybody who wants a trustworthy interior designer who will do his best in fulfilling your dream of a beautiful home.