My wife and I would like to thank Shermin for designing our beautiful and practical home. We had been meeting ID for many months without any success. Upon meeting Shermin, we like her design ideas and space planning and decided to engage her As our place is partially furnished, it is very hard to find the right ideas to design our home without hacking the existing furnishing. Shermin had managed to solve our concern at the first meeting. She is a good listener and meticulous about the details of the design that she will ensure most of the design are child proof to ensure the safety of our active toddler. Just before the renovation had started, Shermin had plan everything well and ensure that it all goes smoothly without the need for us to worry. We had several impromptu installation by other contractors such as installation of Ziptrak and decking. After informing Shermin, she would help us to planned the date best suited to ensure the works are done and completed smoothly. We were also impressed by the quality of her team’s workmanship. From the laying of protection to the carpentry, everything was done up to standards with only a few minor issues. Those issues were resolved promptly. Shermin has good time management skills and we managed to moved in as per the estimated timeline for the completion of the renovation without much delay. Overall we are very pleased with Shermin services and consider ourself lucky to have met her. She is definitely an experience and professional ID who takes the quality of her work seriously. We would recommend her to my friends and family.