Looking for ID as a new house owner was a long process that needs alot of review and spending time to meet up with ID to discuss on what we have in mind and how to fit into our budget. After a few rounds of meeting with different IDs, we were glad to find our ID (Rachel) from Design 4 Space. She shared the processes of how engaging an ID works, what to expect for the whole renovation phase as well as payments/loans processes from banks. She was also patient to understand our needs and gave advices on all the dos and don’t according to our requirements and to help us find the best alternatives so as to keep within our budget. Progress of renovation was regularly updated with us and she even spend time to attend to our queries on carpentry works after work hours to accommodate our schedule when we are available for discussion. She was also prompt in making replacement for a glass door that accidentally broke on our 1st week of moved in for us and our child’s safety. Thanks Rachel for your efforts, advices and help to make our 1st house renovation a smooth journey!

Source: https://g.co/kgs/zMGWXZV