“Thank you Lee Sing”

My husband and I would like to give a shout out to Lee Sing who has done a wonderful job in designing our home and making sure everything is well taken care of. 🥰🥰 We barely had to go down to our house during renovations and could really just sit back and relax while everything went on smoothly. Lee Sing even took care of our littlest requests and ensured that we were fully satisfied with our home. She was also very patient with us when we were selecting our furniture colors and designs. She helped make sure that the dimensions would fit and we would stay in theme.

As I am a very clumsy person and placed a lot of emphasis on ease of cleaning, Lee Sing helped designed a home that we need not worry about me stubbing my toe in corners or having to scrub little corners here and there.

Our family also felt that the ambience in the home is very cozy and comfortable. Visitors were impressed at how spacious our 4 room bto looked in comparison with others. The design of our home looks timeless and we are very thankful towards Lee Sing for designing such a beautiful home for us.