I made the right choice!”

Few, if any renovations, come without hiccups. This being the fourth home we’ve renovated, we certainly expected there to be some hiccups, delays and changes in design along the way. Fortunately, we had a highly experienced, patient, creative and most accommodating interior designer in Justin Ong, who took all these in his stride and did an excellent job with our renovation. Although both my wife and I had different tastes in how we wanted our home to look,( she’s more classic and I’m more modern) Justin was able to tailor the design to suit both our desires, turning around a beautiful home that we both truly love. He offered great suggestions and solutions whenever we were undecided about something, or at an impasse on what to do, and went out of his way on so many occasions to help us source for the best and most cost efficient materials to use. But what we were most impressed with was his ability to complete the renovation on time despite the numerous restrictions that our condo had imposed. Specifically, only permitting renovation works to be carried for five hours each day. His ability to project manage and deploy his resources most effectively was nothing short of amazing. We were really worried that with all these restrictions, and the extent of renovations that we wanted done, there was no way he could complete it in the time we had to move in. To our great surprise and amazement, he did, and we are ever so grateful to him for that.

Absolutely. He did an excellent job reconciling both my wife’s and my different ideas into a beautiful unified concept.

Yes. Workmanship was very good.of course, as to be expected there were some very minor things that we needed to be touched up after the reno, but Justin was right on top of it and got them done in double quick time. He was always available, even after the renovation was completed.

Top notch. Justin was available to us throughout the entire renovation process, entertaining our questions and ideas , even at nights and on weekends. He was most responsive and kept us updated every step of the way.

Value for Money
Yes. Although some of the materials we wanted to use were of higher quality, Justin helped us identify and source for the best prices for these. And when something wasn’t worth the price, he would suggest great alternatives to help us save money.

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