We have decided on Design 4 Space from 3 other IDs that we have earmarked mainly due to the following:1) Reputable. In the fluid Covid-19 situation, we need a firm whom is financially stable, assuring and sufficient manpower to complete our renovation according to timeline.2) Pricing. It is definitely not the cheapest. What I like is how detail and transparent the quotation was.3) ID – Rachel Li. After meeting with different interior designers from other firms. We felt the most comfortable with her friendly and “willing to listen” style. She is quite meticulous and detailed on what we needed in the quotation. During the renovation, there were hiccups along the way amid the Covid-19 situation. We managed to clear the hurdle with some expected delays within our hindsight. Overall, I would say it was a pleasant experience working with and would recommend the company and her to anyone in need for the renovation work. Thank you Rachel!

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