I am delighted that in 2022 our neighbourhood was selected for the Home Improvement Program (HIP). After living in our house for 30 years, our kitchen furniture had become damaged and outdated. Hence, we decided to renovate the kitchen after the HIP to enhance our living environment. We searched online for renovation company information and identified several reputable ones. After much consideration, we chose Design 4 Space as our renovation service provider. The designer, ID Daryl Ang, was reliable and has a strong sense of integrity. He was very sincere and had a great service attitude. The quotation was transparent and fair, with every detail clearly stated in the contract. There were no additional charges for modifications, and he would patiently listen to our requests for changes, doing his best to meet our requirements. From selecting the floor tiles to monitoring the progress of the construction process, he did not actively push for specific brands. Instead, he would empathize with us and consider our needs while ensuring that the recommendations stay within our budget. In summary, finding the correct ID (interior designer) saves time and effort, while choosing the wrong one would be time-consuming and laborious. Therefore, I highly recommend Daryl Ang as a trustworthy choice.