ID~Shermin Lee Shermin was attentive to our needs and fulfilled every single one of them to the best of her abilities. Her creativity and experience in interior home design have continuously shined through every draft she presented to us, expanding our horizons from conventional interior designs that were introduced to us before we met her. She constantly places herself in our positions to ensure that her design would be functional and modern, specifically catered to our lifestyle and work patterns. This has enabled us to achieve a result better than what we have envisioned before, and for that, I am very thankful to Shermin. Throughout the whole process of planning and construction works, she has always strictly adhered to the stipulated timelines and ensured that work completed at every part was of high-quality construction workmanship before moving on. She readily makes herself available to answer our concerns with patience at any point in time and is very receptive to our suggestions. I would like to especially commend her for her professionalism while maintaining an approachable and friendly demeanour throughout the whole duration of working together. This has made the whole experience more enjoyable and fruitful for me and my family, and I have never been more assured to entrust our new home into her hands.