Professional, Responsible and Sincere ID – Shermin Lee”

We were looking for an ID to renovate our EA and our friend recommended Shermin Lee from Design 4 Space Pte Ltd. My friend whom had recently renovated her 5 room flat had very good reviews of Shermin. After hearing from friends and reading news about poor renovation works, we decided we had to engage someone who is trusted and experienced, to minimise renovation hiccups. Having lived in our renovated home for 2 months now, we are glad to say our decision is right to engage Shermin to be our ID. =)

Throughout the renovation, Shermin has been very sincere and patient to listen to us and understand our lifestyle. I love the way she always blend aesthetics and functionality in designing our home. This is important to us as we wanted an aesthetically pleasing house with easy upkeep. She will also come up with alternative proposals along the way to help us save on some costs without compromising design. What we really appreciate her was her prompt replies whenever we had queries and this is definitely assuring and supportive as an ID. Workmanship wise, we are pleased with the quality by Shermin’s team. They are always very polite during the renovation and will advise tips on upkeeping and maintenance.

We also saw how Shermin try her best to keep to her promised delivery date and delivered our dream home before Christmas. She was very accommodating and gave us the space and time to settle in and celebrate Christmas before running through any defects we come across. The entire renovation experience was a pleasant one with minor hiccups. We are pleased with the final product and received compliments from our family and friends. Heartfelt appreciation to Shermin and her team. Thank you! =)

I love how Shermin blends aesthetic and functionality well while designing our house as we wanted a beautiful and yet easy to upkeep house.

Good workmanship by her polite and friendly team. We had only a few minor rectifications required and Shermin was swift and thoughtful to ask her team to rectify so that everything is ready before CNY.

Shermin is very professional, patient, responsible and sincere. She is really quick to respond to queries or issues and we were surprised that we actually felt at ease for her to manage the renovation with us only checking the progress of the house every other week.

Value for Money
We compare quotes with two other ID firms and found cheaper quotes. However, we decided to go ahead and engage Shermin as we value good quality, lasting workmanship and glad to say, Shermin and her team did not disappoint.