“Vincent is a skilled and reliable designer”

We recently completed full-scale renovation for our 4 room HDB flat which is quite old, with Vincent from Design4Space. From the outset, Vincent listened carefully to our needs and lifestyle and suggested thoughtful ideas to optimize our living space. We appreciate his flexibility and his willingness to suit our preferences, while also providing helpful guidance on the selection of materials and furnishings such as lights, laminate, tiles and kitchen top.
Throughout the project, Vincent was attentive to detail and ensured that everything was practical and well-aligned with our lifestyle. He recommended expanding our small bathroom, among other modifications, and we couldn’t be happier with the end result. The overall workmanship is good, especially the carpentry work. Although there were some imperfections with the painting and grout work, we decided to close an eye and accept them as we felt we can still live with them. For other imperfections or defects which we pointed out to Vincent, he readily and quickly arranged for them to be rectified.
Vincent provides good customer service as he is responsive, attentive and responsible. He will attend to our requests. He completed the project promptly and on schedule.
Compared to some horror renovation stories we heard, we find that Vincent is a great choice for anyone looking for a skilled and reliable designer. Overall, the project is value for money and the quotation was transparent, and we are satisfied and happy to return to a cozy home.

The design that Vincent proposed for us is aesthetic and practical. We are happy and satisfied with the design.

The construction was delivered with close attention to detail. We are happy and satisfied with the workmanship.

Vincent provided a good level of customer service. We are happy and satisfied with the service he rendered.

Value for Money
Vincent provided a good value for money. We are happy and satisfied with the value for money for the project.

Link Source: https://www.hometrust.sg/interior-designers/design-4-space-pte-ltd/review/6245