We are truly thankful to have engaged Sylvia from Design 4 Space in our renovation! Being first time home owners, Sylvia shared with us plenty of practical insights when it came to designing our house (eg. the location of electrical sockets, type of bath room accessories, suitability of materials to the design etc). Furthermore, she was always quick to respond to our messages regardless of the timing and followed up with our requests promptly!Our house had a water leakage issue which took a lot of coordination with our MCST before it was resolved. Throughout the process, Sylvia was very patient with our requests and accommodated to our numerous meet ups with the MCST. She also assisted us by liaising directly with MCST to understand the root cause of the problem and provide all necessary assistance when required.When it came to designing the house, Sylvia provided us with several ideas that my wife and I really loved! She was tactful in sharing her opinions and ensured that the final product stayed true to the theme/idea that we had. She was also transparent in the pricing of the renovation and kept the the agreed timeline. When we requested for minor touch ups, Sylvia was also quick to respond and ensured that the touch ups were done up to our satisfaction.We really appreciate her patience with us and she is definitely a very responsible ID! We were lucky to have found an ID that we could communicate easily with and is always able to propose solutions to meet our needs. It was a joy working with Sylvia and we will certainly recommend her to friends who are looking to renovate in the future! 🙂

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